Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sunflower Crochet Square

Hallo again. I have something a bit special for you today.  As mentioned in my last post, I have been busily working on a creation.

And here it is . . . my Sunflower Crochet Square!

I was inspired by the picture below, which hangs in my girls' bedroom.  In fact, we have two of these pictures in the room, as they hang above the girls' beds on either side of the centre window.

A while ago I suddenly thought how lovely it would be if there was a cushion or throw rug in the room that picked up the sunflower motif in the pictures.  But could I find a crochet sunflower 'granny square' pattern I liked?  I could not.  So, I have designed my own!

Obviously my crochet sunflower square is not meant to be perfectly identical to the picture, but I have endeavoured to be true to its colours and spirit.  I am pleased with its colourful cheeriness and will admit to being a teensy bit proud of myself.  I hope you like it too.

I am thinking about making a number of these sunflower squares and interspersing them with plain squares to make a colourful throw.

But for now, here is the pattern for my very own sunflower:



You will need:

4mm crochet hook

8 ply yarn (ie double knit) in dark brown, orange, golden yellow, and mid green.

I used merino yarns from Bendigo Woollen Mills - Mulga (a chocolatey brown), Pumpkin (a soft orange) and Guava (a rather lovely green) from the 'Classic' range, and Sunflower (the perfect yellow) from the 'Luxury' range. (I also bought Classic Tasman Blue which exactly matches the splashes of blue sky in the sunflower picture, for when I complete the throw.)

General info:

This pattern uses English terms, as this is what we use in Australia and what I am used to.  Most of these terms are easy to convert to US terms if required, but for clarity, I have set out some of the more complex stitches at the end of the pattern at 'Stitches guide'.

1. Using dark brown and a 4 mm hook, make slip knot on hook, ch 4, join into ring, ch 2 (counts as 1 htr), crochet 11htr into ring, sl st to join  - 12 st.

2. Ch 2 (counts as 1htr), htr in same place, 2htr in next 11 st, sl st to join - 24 st.

3. Ch 2 (counts as 1htr), htr in next 23 st, sl st to joine - 24 st.  Secure and cut yarn.

(Htr is my favourite stitch.  I am using it because of its bobbly effect, which, I think, gives a nice impression of the 'bobbliness' of sunflower seeds.  Don't worry if it curls a little - that should settle as you go.  However, if preferred, you can use dc for the first row).

4. Using orange yarn, make slip knot on hook and join yarn into any stitch, then ch 1, [2tr in next st, sl st in next st] to end, finishing by sl st into first ch - 36 st.  Secure and cut yarn.

5. Using yellow yarn, make slip knot on hook and join into any one of the orange sts, then ch 2 (counts as 1dc), dc to end, sl st to join - 36 st.  Secure and cut yarn.  (You could in fact continue without cutting, but I found that the first petal 'sat' better and more evenly if I re-joined the yellow at row 6).

6. Make a slip knot on hook in yellow and join to any yellow dc, ch 5, dtr3tog* over next three st (to make cluster of four st with the ch 5), ch 6, [in last st of previous cluster, start dtr4tog** over that and next three st, ch 6] to end.  Last stitch of final cluster is made into base of beginning ch 5.   This row makes 12 'petals'.   Secure and cut yellow yarn.

(sorry about the camera strap!  I'm such an expert photographer - Not!)

7. Using green yarn, make a slip knot on hook and join in any chain space, then ch 2 (counts as 1dc), 6dc into that chain space.  [In next chain space crochet 4tr, ch 2, 4tr, (this makes your corner), then 7dc in next two chain spaces.]  Repeat [ ] three times, then do one more corner and one final 7dc to complete 'frame'.  Sl st to join.

8. You will now be at one of the points of a petal.  Ch 3 (counts as tr), 2tr into the st above the petal tip, then 3tr into middle st of 7dc.  (In case you are wondering whether to ch 1 between the clusters, I found it better NOT to, but it's up to you).  In the space above next petal tip, crochet 3dtr#.  Then (3dtr, ch2, 3dtr) in corner, 3dtr in next space above petal, 3tr in centre st of next 7dc, 3tr in next space above petal, 3tr in centre st of next 7dc, continuing this pattern to end.  You will be finishing with a 3tr.  Sl st to join.  Secure and cut yarn.

Weave in all ends, and block if desired.

And voila!  Your sunflower motif is ready for inclusion in your desired creation.

Note: Feel free to use my pattern, but if you share it, please attribute by linking to my blog.  Thanks!!  And don't forget to come visit me at my home page,  Nandina's Place .

Stitches guide

* dtr3tog = [yo twice, insert hook into work, yo, draw loop through work, yo, draw through two loops, yo, draw through two loops.]  Do [ ] three times.  You then have four loops on hook.  Yo and draw through all loops.

** dtr4tog = [yo twice, insert hook into work, yo, draw loop through work, yo, draw through two loops, yo, draw through two loops.] Do [ ] four times.  You then have five loops on hook.  Yo and draw through all loops.

# dtr = yo twice, insert hook into work, yo, draw through work, yo, draw through two loops, yo, draw through two loops, yo, draw through last two loops.


I would be delighted to see any sunflower squares that YOU make!


Friday, 19 July 2013

One cold, windy day . . .

Hallo, I hope you are well.

Today we Canberrans are experiencing some pretty wild and woolly weather.  It is very windy, with squalls of rain and hail interspersed with brief periods of sunshine.  According to the Bureau of Meteorology, right now, at 2:15pm, it is 9.7 degrees Celsius, but with an apparent temperature of 0.3.  Goodness me.  

But it's Saturday, so it can't be all gloom!  After my usual weekly housework blitz, I sat down in front of the fire to finish crocheting a cushion cover for this chair.

Here is what I have done so far . . . I have simply crocheted two circles, making each one a bit different so I can reverse the cushion as the mood takes me.

I am still mulling over how to join up the two circles.  I am thinking about a buttoned opening, so it can be removed from time to time.  

Also today, during a brief sunny moment, I popped into the back garden to take a picture of my daffodils.  They have opened this week!  

There's nothing like these cheery golden blooms to gladden the heart in the depths of winter.

Strangely, as you can see below, I am still waiting for my 'Erlicheer' jonquils to open.

Last year, and the year before, they were 'early', as intended, opening a good while before the daffs showed their faces.   But not this year.  It's been an unusual season.

Sometime in the next week or so, I want to share with you something I have also been working on.  It's not ready yet, but I can tell you that it is inspired by this picture . . .

More to come once I have got to a stage where it is presentable!

Have a sunshiny day!


Friday, 12 July 2013

Cool denim throw rug (2) - et voila! - UPDATED

You may recall this stashbusting project I embarked on some time ago.  I *finally* finished it a couple of nights ago, after adding an edging consisting of one row of dc (sc) and a final 'chain arch' row.

I am in two minds about the edging, but am loving the rug's random stripy goodness!

Here's the edging close up.  It is quite a neat edge, though I am contemplating doing Bunny Mummy's double V edging instead.

If I do, I will update the post and let you know.   I want it to look 'right' as the rug will be a gift for my daughter, who is feeling the cold this winter.

Have a happy day



In the end I did re-do the edging.  I found a happy medium, making clusters of three trebles in cream, then doing a chain arch row in ruby.  Here's a pic of the new edging: