Friday, 6 December 2013

A Christmas scarf

Although it is decidedly summer here, I am still rather obsessed with scarves.  It is such a lovely way to crochet something pretty, yet practical.  

My latest scarf is my own design . . . voila!  

I have to say I am loving the scrumptious colour and texture of this scarf!  

It uses my favourite stitch, half treble (known as half double crochet to those who use US terms).

Working back and forth in this stitch makes a dense fabric with an interesting texture, and the colour contrast of the five darker stripes in this scarf adds interest and a classy feel.  As a bonus, there is no 'wrong side', because the stitch results in a reversible pattern.

 You can see the interesting reverse colour effect below.

As I have completed this scarf close to Christmas, and its colours are pretty Christmassy somehow, I have called it my Christmas scarf.  But don't let the name stop you wearing it any other day of the year!

Here's the pattern:

Christmas Scarf

Yarn:  8 ply (double knit) in two contrasting colours.  I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury (fine micron pure wool) 8 ply, in Stone (lighter colour) and Ruby (darker colour).  

Notions: You will need a 5mm hook, a 4mm hook and a darning needle to hide any loose ends.

General instruction:  After changing to a new yarn colour at the end of rows 4 and 5, crochet over your loose ends to save having to darn them in at the end.  Once you have completed the ch 2 in the new colour and have turned your work, lie the ends over the top of the next row and simply crochet over the top of them.  You may have to pull them slightly to make them snug.

Foundation chain: Using a 5mm hook and the lighter coloured yarn, chain 250 to 300 stitches, adjusting the length to suit you.  (Remember, if you add the fringe, this will make the scarf longer, so remember to factor this in.)

Row 1:  Switch to 4mm hook, and complete two extra chains onto your foundation chain.  Then, starting in the third stitch from the hook, htr (US hdc) into back bumps of each chain.  After completing the last htr (hdc), ch 2, turn.

Row 2:  Htr in each stitch.  At end of row, ch 2, turn.

Row 3: Repeat Row 2.

Row 4:  (Still using lighter yarn) htr in each stitch (see general instruction above).  At end of row, keep last stitch on hook and cut light coloured yarn, leaving a tail about 10 cm  long.  Make slip stitch in darker coloured yarn and slip onto same hook.  Pull darker loop through lighter loop and pull the tail of the lighter yarn to secure.  Ch 2 in darker yarn, turn.

Row 5:  (Still using darker yarn) htr in each stitch (see general instruction above).  At end of row, keep last stitch on hook and cut dark coloured yarn, leaving a tail about 10 cm  long.  Make slip stitch in lighter coloured yarn and slip onto same hook.  Pull lighter loop through darker loop and pull the tail of the darker yarn to secure.  Ch 2 in lighter yarn, turn.

Rows 6 to 13: Repeat Rows 4 and 5 four times.

Row 14 to 15: Repeat Row 2 twice.  Secure and cut yarn.

Using darning needle, hide any ends.  If you followed the general instruction, you will only have to weave in the ends from the foundation chain and the final row.

Fringe:  I made 8 tassels on each end to form a fringe, using three strands per tassel.  I followed these instructions and was happy with the result.

Please feel free to contact me through the comments facility if anything is unclear.

As always, if you share any of my patterns, please attribute by linking to my website.



  1. Very pretty. How much of each color yarn did you use?

    1. Glad you like it. In relation to quantities, truth be told I just used yarn from my stash so it's difficult to be precise. I recall using approximately one 100 gram ball of the Stone colour and a bit less of the Ruby. I hope this helps a bit! ;)