Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dye lot dramas - with a happy ending

I have recently had a bit of a problem trying to finish off my ongoing WIP, the chequerboard blanket.  Nearing the end (strip number 10 of 12), I realised I was going to run out of the parchment (cream-coloured) cotton yarn.  So off I went (online) to Bendigo Woollen Mills (BWM) and purchased some more.

The yarn arrived a few days later and I continued to work on my WIP.

Unfortunately when I began to use the new yarn, it became apparent that it was a slightly different colour.  Oh no!  How would I finish my project? I wondered.

I initially approached BWM to see if they had any of the original dye lot left.  They did not.

It then occurred to me that there are loads of BWM users on Ravelry.  So I posted a request on the swap/buy/sell thread of the users group forum.  That's when my situation became a rather wondrous experience.

A lovely lady called Catriona, who goes by the Ravelry moniker of StitchKnitWitch, responded to my post.  She said she had some 8ply parchment  in her stash and was willing to send it to me if it matched my existing yarn.  Sensibly, she suggested sending me a sample first, to check whether it was a good match.

To my delight, the sample was a far better match than my newly purchased yarn.  This meant that, thanks to Catriona, I would be able to finish my project!

Yesterday, the yarn from Catriona arrived by post.  My new yarny friend had saved the day!

Even more amazingly, it was apparent that Catriona was not seeking payment (as she had not provided any banking details or postage costs).  I have to admit that this really blew me away.

So today I sent off a prepaid gift voucher and a yarny magazine to her, with a thank you card.

All in all this has been an incredibly positive experience and made me realise - again! - how incredibly lovely yarny people are!


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