Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Gorgeous gardens - part 1

On my Melbourne holiday I spent quite a bit of time exploring some magnificent gardens.
I found the National Rhododendron Gardens in the Dandenong Ranges truly spectacular.  While it is probably prettier in spring, when the rhodos are in full bloom, late Autumn was a good time to see the diversity of plants in the Gardens and obtain a sense of the 'bones' of the garden design.

I came across these huge, stately mountain ash trees shortly after entering the Gardens.  They looked as if they had been there forever, but the information provided states that they are in fact the 'children' of the original trees that burned down in a bushfire in 1962.

Autumn foliage and spot-flowering rhododendrons added amazing colour wherever I turned.

The many rotundas, garden seats and picnic tables provided peaceful views as well as convenient resting places!

This plaque acknowledges the impressive work of the ladies' rhodo society, who established the Gardens.  It also identifies the various Dandenong mountains visible in the distance.   The view was stunning!

I spent about two hours walking around the Gardens, and could easily have spent more time there if I had brought some lunch.  It was such a beautiful day and the Gardens were a joy to behold.


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