Saturday, 14 June 2014

Revelling in camellias

According to the calendar, winter has arrived, though it's been relatively mild so far - and my camellias seem to be delighting in an extended flowering season.  This has gladdened my heart, particularly as they really suffered during the rolling heat waves of summer.  

My courtyard camellias are Beatrice Emily sasanqua camellias.  The flower petals are pink-edged and heart-shaped, which looks very pretty when the petals fall.

These camellias have a slight fragrance.  Their nectar also attracts native honey eaters, like this wattle bird.  

I love the way they look close up . . . 

 . . . and en masse!

This year practically all my autumn leaves went on top of this row of camellias.  Now we have had some decent rains the leaves are forming leaf mould, which camellias love.  They are clearly revelling in ideal conditions, and I am revelling in them in their revelling!

I simply love this time of year in Canberra - and my camellias symbolise this to a tee.


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