Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sweet, sweet satisfaction - my chequerboard blanket is finished!

It's been a long time coming but I have finally completed my chequerboard cotton blanket!  . . . .voila!

Here it is, in all its unblocked glory, on my dining room table.

There were a few downsides to this project - it was more fiddly than I had imagined and I did get a bit bored with making the strips.  I also ran out of parchment (cream) mid way through, as described here.

Then, towards the end, there were a lot of ends to weave in, (ever so carefully, so as not to be visible or lumpy).

However the end was in sight when I began joining up the checked strips.  While the pattern that I was basing my blanket on indicated that I should join with a needle, I always prefer to crochet where possible.  In this case, I opted to join the strips using dc-ch in a contrasting, deeper green.

Here's a close up of the right side . . .

and the wrong side.

I found this joining method easy without too much bulk.  I also like the nice country look of the join.

And now I have edged the whole blanket, using the same contrasting green - first with a row of double crochet and then a row of treble clusters in every third stitch (with five trebles in each corner stitch).

I used a smaller hook for the edging, so as not to stretch the fabric along the edge.

All in all, there were quite a few sagas with this project along the way, but I can tell you, those sagas just made reaching the end sweeter!


Saturday, 5 July 2014

The home stretch

Winter is perfect weather to stay indoors crocheting!  Over the last week we've had fog, wind and rain - and today, despite the sun, is only going to be 11 degrees Celsius.   Here is the view from my front step this morning.

My main task over the the last couple of weekends, crochet-wise, has been to finish weaving in the ends of my cotton chequerboard blanket.  Now, I am not a fan of weaving in the ends and do my best to avoid it by crocheting over them where possible.  Unfortunately this project did not lend itself to that (as the alternate colour showed through rather badly when I attempted it), and so I have had a bit a work to do before I could progress to putting the lengths together to make up the blanket.

I also have to admit I have been procrastinating.  (And while procrastinating, I even made this lovely hat and scarf!)

Finally, I came up with a strategy to get those ends completed.  Now, perhaps 'strategy' is too strong a word, as it really just involved relaxing in the lounge room, near the fire, while binge-viewing a few seasons of Breaking Bad!

Luckily, Breaking Bad is very addictive, so I have been 'obliged' to do this for hours, with the result that I have now completed the ends and am onto the joining stage (and season 4 episode 7)!  Hooray!

Ah, the joys of joining!  (I was starting to go a bit mad doing the ends, I must confess.)  I am working my way along the lengths of the blanket with a contrasting green cotton, using a dc-ch combo and a slightly smaller hook on the 'wrong side'.  

Here is the right side:

I am liking the look of it so far.  And I am starting to feel that the home stretch is not too far away.  I know I still have to think about the border and edging, but that's another story.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my crochet hibernation!  I hope you are keeping warm this winter.