Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sweet, sweet satisfaction - my chequerboard blanket is finished!

It's been a long time coming but I have finally completed my chequerboard cotton blanket!  . . . .voila!

Here it is, in all its unblocked glory, on my dining room table.

There were a few downsides to this project - it was more fiddly than I had imagined and I did get a bit bored with making the strips.  I also ran out of parchment (cream) mid way through, as described here.

Then, towards the end, there were a lot of ends to weave in, (ever so carefully, so as not to be visible or lumpy).

However the end was in sight when I began joining up the checked strips.  While the pattern that I was basing my blanket on indicated that I should join with a needle, I always prefer to crochet where possible.  In this case, I opted to join the strips using dc-ch in a contrasting, deeper green.

Here's a close up of the right side . . .

and the wrong side.

I found this joining method easy without too much bulk.  I also like the nice country look of the join.

And now I have edged the whole blanket, using the same contrasting green - first with a row of double crochet and then a row of treble clusters in every third stitch (with five trebles in each corner stitch).

I used a smaller hook for the edging, so as not to stretch the fabric along the edge.

All in all, there were quite a few sagas with this project along the way, but I can tell you, those sagas just made reaching the end sweeter!


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  1. Hello! I stumbled across a picture of your blanket on an internet potter and simply had to tell you how gorgeous it is! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Heather x