Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Daisy, daisy . . . a summer daisy blanket!

Over the past few weeks I have been working on using up some of my stash of acrylic yarn.

Having some golden yellow left from a bag I made some time ago, I fixed upon making a blanket with little yellow centred daisies.  There are any number of various daisy motifs on Ravelry, but in the end I decided to use the easy granny square variation set out here at Attic24, being simple yet effective.  Lucy calls it a Summer Garden Granny Square, but as mine are all daisy-like I am going to call my blanket a Summer Daisy Blanket.

Stages one, two and three of the daisy squares . . .

And here they are, completed - 17 piles of 9 squares.  I have calculated that this number will make a single bed sized blanket.

Weaving in the ends took ages!

 I joined the squares using the 'join as you go' method in dark navy.  I found this youtube video helpful (there are two parts).

Once joined, I thought about a border.  Did I want something simple, or more interesting?  As I was intending the blanket to be a single bed cover, in the end I decided to improvise so I could make suerethe length and width were right for the purpose.  I also decided to add another colour - a deep red - to lift the colour scheme.

Here is the border close up:

As you can see, I did quite a few rows are granny stripe, interspersed with a mixture of other stitches. Working outwards, the first red stripe (below) is treble, the second is v stitch (trebles with 2 chains between).  The yellow row on top of the v stitch is made of htr clusters.  The green above that is 2 dc and chains, then a row of treble clusters.  The final row is ch and dc in the main colour.

Here's the full effect of the border:

Happy days!


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